Synthesis: Using Tails

Credits Michael Carbone, Nick Sera-Leyva Last Updated 2015-05

A final review of Tails and its features, and wrap-up of the Safer, Anonymous Workspaces using Tails session module.

ADIDS Element


Parent Topic(s)

Using Tails


10-15 minutes


Ask participants if they have questions before completing the session.

To encourage discussion, you may wish to ask general questions about the material, including:

  • What feature did you like most about Tails?
  • What feature did you like least? Was there one that just didn’t seem useful for your situation?
  • Was there a feature that you wished it had?
  • Would you recommend Tails to colleague or friend?

You may also wish to ask specific questions to make sure some concepts are clearly understood.

Some examples that may help include:

  • When I first install Tails, can I save documents to it?
  • What do I need to do before I can save files or settings?
  • What are the ways I can use Tails to access and store sensitive materials?