Protecting Data

Credits LevelUp Last Updated 2016-05

This section contains training modules related to safely storing, backing up, and protecting important or sensitive data, and practices which training participants can adopt to perform regular data backups, create stronger passwords, and make informed decisions around how and where they keep their data. Topics addressed include data backup procedures, creating and managing multiple strong passwords, and detailed options for data storage.


Creating and Managing Strong Passwords

In this module, trainers will work with participants to review basic habits and practices for managing passwords, the implications of a compromised password and how they are commonly compromised, and how to create "stronger" passwords and use a password manager tool to administer them.

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Data Backup Basics

This fundamental level module addresses basic practices for users, at both individual and organizational levels, for successful and safe backup of important information. Similarly, to help participants better visualize their personal "information map", this module also emphasizes the importance for users of understanding the what (type or format) and the where (storage location) of such valuable or sensitive data.

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Protecting and Encrypting Devices

This module explores the relationship between physical and digital security, as it relates to the protection of both our devices and the data that they contain. The difference between the degree with which people tend to value their devices, versus the amount of time they spend on maintenance and care, is often quite wide - and many practices related to device safety are as related to physical security as they are to digital security.

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