Synthesis: Identity Protection and Privacy

Credits Mallory Knodel Last Updated 2016-06

A final review and question & answer session for techniques and tools for increased protection of identity and privacy while browsing the web.

ADIDS Element


Parent Topic(s)

Identity Protection and Privacy


10-15 minutes


Ask participants if they have questions before completing the session. If time allows, trainers may want to confirm that the participants understood the essential points.

Some suggested questions:

  • What was the most useful thing you learned from this session?
  • If you wanted to explain to a friend what a browser cookie is, what would you say?
  • Can you remember some of the things that our browsers may expose when we visit a website?
  • What could you do to fix some of the leaks or vulnerabilities we talked about?
  • Is there a situation in which you might not want to block cookies?