Synthesis: Using Antivirus Tools

Credits Pablo, Carol Waters, Daniel O’Clunaigh, Ali Ravi, Samir Nassar Last Updated 2014-03

A final wrap-up and Q&A for the content covered in Antivirus & Malware Essentials - you may want to have flipchart and markers ready for any additional notes, as well as flipchart notes from earlier in the session.

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Using Antivirus Tools


15-20 minutes


Ask participants if they have questions before completing the session:

  • Review the flipchart notes from the session and see if any participants have questions.
  • If any questions were tabled from previous sessions, revisit and answer them.

Approaches to dealing with malware should be both technical and behavioral. Using the lists from the Input section on “How we are Exposed to Malware,” and “How to Avoid Malware,” ask participants to identify which means of exposure and which solutions are behavioral or technical in nature, or a combination of both. Reiterate how technical solutions are not enough on their own.

You may also wish to ask specific questions to make sure some concepts are clearly understood:

  • Ask participants what their plans are to protect themselves from malware.
  • Do they feel like they have what they need going forward?
  • Do they have colleagues or friends who can help them if they have questions or need in-depth assistance?
Reiterate if needed: Having a free version of an antivirus application is better than no application at all, or a cracked version of a paid application.

However, many free versions of anti-virus programs do not protect against Trojans or Worms (you would have to visit the website of the developer for more details). For more complete protection, it’s preferable to have a subscription version.

Whereas most malware targets desktop computers, remind participants that mobile devices (as well as tablets) are also vulnerable.

Optional Activity

Quiz participants on the definitions of different types of malware, different ways it is transferred, and strategies for identifying suspected sources of malware and keeping your devices malware-free.