Social Media Safety

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This section contains curriculum module content concerning safe practices and behaviors when using social media apps and services. Topics addressed focus primarily on helping participants to consider how the information they share about themselves, others, and their networks can be used and misused.

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Activity & Discussion: FW:

This activity will help illustrate which kinds of information participants may not want to share on social media, and their inability to control information once it's been posted and reused by someone else. Shared information might be altered by others in uncontrollable ways, and that those who receive the information you share may be untrustworthy.

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Input: Social Media Essentials

This Input session covers essential components to impart to participants, about the use of social networking services and applications, and the implications of sharing personal information with both other users and the companies owning such applications.

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Social Media Safety Awareness

An introductory module addressing salient points concerning safe practices and behaviors when using social media apps and services, with the goal of increasing participants' awareness of the trade-offs of social networking services, allowing them to make more informed choices.

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