Synthesis: Social Media Safety Awareness

Credits Ali Ravi, Daniel O'Clunaigh, Samir Nassar, DJ, Lindsay Beck Last Updated 2014-03

A final review of the session module on Social Media Safety, and an opportunity for final questions and concerns to be addressed.

ADIDS Element


Parent Topic(s)

Social Media Safety Awareness


15 minutes


Ask participants if they have questions before completing the session:

Answer any questions that were tabled during the session to be answered later (exclude any issues that require 1:1 assistance or explanation):

  • Ask the participants to share what was most useful from the session.
  • Ask them if this led them to think about how they use social networking tools.
  • Does anyone not use social media? If so, are they willing to share why they don’t?

You may also wish to ask specific questions to make sure some concepts are clearly understood:

  • Did they make any changes to their account settings? If so, which changes? If not, why not?
  • If they were to set up a new social networking account now, would they do anything differently?
  • Did this session get them to think about how they mention, show, or tag other people in their social networking accounts?
  • Have any of them ever had someone else accidentally post something about them that they wish they hadn’t?