Synthesis: Anonymity & Circumvention

ADIDS Element


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Safer Browsing - Anonymity & Circumvention


20-30 minutes


Ask participants if they have questions before completing the session:

  • Answer any questions that were tabled during the session to be answered later - exclude any issues that require one-on-one assistance or explanation, to be addressed independently from the group.

You may also wish to ask specific questions to make sure some concepts are clearly understood:

  • Ask participants what was the most useful or interesting thing that they learned during this session.
  • Can they describe the difference between circumvention and anonymity?
  • Can they describe what a proxy is?
  • Can they distinguish between the tools mentioned (or trained on during the Deepening section)? [For example, between a VPN and Tor?]
  • Is HTTPS/SSL still important if you use a circumvention tool? Why?
  • When would they consider using any of the tools mentioned or covered during this session?
  • Remind participants the importance of keeping these tools (as with everything else, such as operating systems) up to date.